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Recruiting Status
Lafamilia is open for recruiting new and seasoned players. We will help and train you to becomming a powerful piece in the games we play. We will help protect each other in times of war. We will take by force from our enemies and claim the right to rule the lands of GW2.

The Return and Unification of SoS

inaphase, Aug 17, 13 6:54 PM.
So I've returned from a period of turmoil, during my absence a lot has happened to our beloved server, and all the work placed into it faded. However our memories have not and we will reunite in the DragonBrand server as SOS once more. We will be able to do what we do best and remain silent in our operations and destroy our enemies at all costs.

I am providing free transfers for all members remaining in AR server to come join us on Dragonbrand. Pm me in game and let me know if you wish to join your family again.


Synopsis Guild Meeting 04/23/2013

inaphase, Apr 24, 13 10:02 AM.
We held the meeting earlier, so we can spend the rest of the week in WvW and other things. Since we have completed both the GMB3, and GT3, we certainly have more free time.

WvWvW Objectives For The Remaining Week: Primary Objective: Defend ARBL as much as we can, Secondary Objective: Attack BP when ever we can.

1. This coming reset both SoS an ALS will be working in conjunction with each other and hitting ehmery bay in eternal battleground. We want to get them to the point their existence is void in that map.

Our primary objective and campaign will be offense in EB, and possibly in ehmery bay.

2. Holding Keeps: If we hold property, as a guild we need to be responsible for the property, this coming week we will be holding keeps or towers in eb. If we hold something, please keep that in mind as defending what we own becomes priority over guild mission or any other guild events scheduled. Once we lose it, then that's fine, please continue with the guild events mentioned in motd.

3. I'd like us to get some teams going for spvp, because this will provide some small group battle skills that can be implemented in the larger scale wvw battles. Calling targets Is just one of them. I will work with those that do a lot of spvp in the guild to organize a day for these functions.

4. Reminder to all members to make sure you leave your team and then leave the wvw maps prior to logging off, this will prevent our teams from having to reform, and having you take up a que spot for wvw that could be for more active wvw participants. Thank you.

5. A few of my Consigliers are not repping at 100%, so with that, I cannot enforce people to rep 100% when my own 2nd in commands aren't. Only thing I request is that members who are not repping at a given point in time is to be on vent so that we can remain communication if needs be. I am meeting folks in the middle on this issue, and I believe this is a decent request. We have a wide open range of channels, and we have the flexibility to invite guests on as well. There should not be any excuses that anyone can't meet this requirement. If I feel that the other guild you are repping is making strict rules about repping etc. then it's not quite fair in my eyes to think you'd follow their rules, vice following the rules in your primary guild.

6. A guild 1v1 tournament round robin style is in the works. I am coming up with the game plan for it. Prizes and things will be mentioned, Each participant will fight each other a least once, the person with the most wins, will be declared 1st place, and others will take 2nd, and 3rd.

1st - 15 gold - random exotic gear
2nd - 5 gold - random pet
3rd - 2 gold

I will announce when and how we'll kick this off. I want you guys training first, so get to spvp and figure out your characters and classes. I will eventually post and announce the tournament rules. Also progress in the tournament can be viewed at the website soon as I make a section for it.

Keep up the good work,


SOS Guild Meeting Synopsis 03/14/2013

inaphase, Mar 15, 13 1:01 AM.

WvW Reset: Anvil Rock (Green), IOJ (Blue), DH (Red).

We are going to be on the offensive this coming week. We will form up and attack IOJ at their borderlands all week long. I have no intentions of claiming anything. By doing so would comitt us to hit maintain guild buffs, whch we do not have influence points for. We will only use the + 5 supply buff for the week. We need to save our influence supply back up again.

Recruitment Policy:

I am currently focused on removing those that are "outsider" ranks, but I am doig it by pm'ing every non repping person before I remove them from guild. Only i will remove memers from the guld for now as I create space for newer members that will be repping us full time and will be participating on vent with us.

When you recrut new players into the guild, please make sure the understand the following:

1. Require full time representation
2. Use vent, just to listen, not required to speak.
3. Participate in guild functions.

Respecting others:

Let's keep fowl language to a minimum please, we have players of all ages, and families that are part of the guild as a whole, we wouldn't want our kids listening to "f" bombs every 10 seconds. If the game becomes to frusterating please push yourself away from the computer.

Please do not argue in the main channel in vent, bring it to another channel, and especially do not argue in guild chat. This is a game, and so we should not have adults arguing in it.

Situational Awareness:

Please do your best to res others if you see them downed, do not just leave them back there, but at the same time, culling is an issue and we do not see anyone around, even our own people so please keep that in mind.

Keep using food and oil/sharpening stones for wvw, keep the enemy on the defensive, and you won't have to worry about defending. We are getting closer and closer to achieving our goal, My dream remains that we field 100 sos players on a given map. I will feel no pity towards our enemies.

Please review the video below, for up coming changes to classe and the game in general.

Up Coming Class Change

inaphase, Mar 14, 13 7:25 PM.

SOS Dance Video

inaphase, Feb 4, 13 11:26 AM.

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